Build and learn cool things with great people.

That's the motto that Scope was founded and built on. As a member you will build projects as part of an exciting curriculum that hones and improves your coding skills. Best of all, members join the tight-knit Scope family and get to partake in awesome community events throughout the semester.

At Scope, we also host retreats, industry speakers, hackathons, and more to encourage an inclusive culture of creation, hacking, and fun at USC.


Members spend the first half of the semester following the same onboarding process that Facebook and Airbnb use to train their interns. You'll be learning a new topic by building a new mini-project every week.


After the course, we host our annual internal hackathon. Consisting of ideation, coding, and lots of whiteboards, by the end of the night you'll be itching to get started building your ideas.


The second half of the semester will be spent working on a product on an idea from the hackathon. By the end of the semester you'll have an awesome project, great friends, and tons of experience working in a development team.


One of the biggest aims of Scope is to create a community of developers who love to build. Throughout the semester we have retreats, dinners, and other events to build this community. You will want to go to Scope meetings as much for the people and the energy as for the learning.

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Past Curriculums

Curriculum is built every semester by e-board. Split into weekly lessons with tutorials and mini projects to help you learn fundamental concepts and build real projects. The topics are designed to teach relevant technology that is being used in the industry.

Fall 2017

React Native

Spring 2018

Node.js, Back-end and DevOps

Fall 2018


Spring 2019


Fall 2019

React JS

Spring 2020


Some past curriculums are available on our GitHub. Others are in Word docs and PowerPoints. Contact us for more info

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